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Boat Tours and Whale Watching Adventures in La Palma

Discover the marine wonders of the Canary Islands

Which adventure is calling you?

Sail the Atlantic sea on our boat tours. Discover the seabed on our boat with underwater vision, explore secret coves on our sailboat, or enjoy whale watching from our Fancy II. On all our adventures in La Palma, it is possible and most common to see whales. However, among them, the Safari Adventure is specially dedicated to dolphins and whales watching.

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Your safety and security on board is very important for us.

That’s the reason why we can decide to cancel or postpone an adventure if the weather conditions are awry. We will always offer you the chance to find a spot on another date whenever possible.

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Dolphins, whales and other sea inhabitants are living beings, whose home we sail into.

Even though we try hard to make sure you enjoy sightseeing in each and every one of our adventures, they are sovereigns who decide if they want to meet us or not. So it’s always an adventure and a surprise.