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Our Crew

In love with the sea and pleased to be of service

A Bit of History

Everything began long ago, when a Catalan guy, fed up with his job, quit and hoisted sails too far away havens, to end up settling in the Canary Islands, on the island of La Palma, the beautiful island.

And with the first of his ships, he started offering boat trips and responsible whale watching. He was the very first one to offer this kind of service from Puerto de Tazacorte. In all the island, in fact.

Yes, we are celebrating already 20 years on board..

We have lived a lot these twenty years. Incredible experiences and many many learnings. On board sunsets, meet ups with magnificent sea beings, cleansings and rescues, education, the discovery of an island from the sea… a whole world, a whole life.

There’ve been new boats joining the fleet, great guides and captains joining our crew (some of them left, some of them are still here), and many many people like you, trusting us, for a few hours, with their life, the opportunity to live an adventure, and some of the magic they hoped to find in this deep blue we all fall in love with.

Thank you a lot, again, because we wouldn’t be celebrating that much without you!

Our Team

We have asked the following questions to our crew…

Anchor Since when are you working for the company?

Star Outline What do you like the most in your job?

Dolphin What has been the most incredible experience for you so far?

Info What would be your recommendation to all the people willing to come on adventure with us?

Do you want to know their answers?


Captain – EcoFancy

Anchor From the beginning 🙂
Star Outline You work in nature, and the moment you are sailing, all worries are gone
Dolphin The most fantastic thing was a sperm whale jumping in front of us, a few meters from the bow, also a minke whale jumping, the sighting of the orcas, the whale shark … in fact, every day on the boat are wonderful experiences
Info They are in the best place they can be to spend their holidays in the Canary Islands 🙂


Captain – Fancy II

Anchor Since 2008, approximately
Star Outline The experience of working in the sea is very beautiful, completely different of working inland. I liked it and stayed 🙂
Dolphin When spring comes, because it turns everything upside down, and there’s a lot of new life coming in here. About sightseeings, finding a humpback whale in front of La Bombilla lighthouse. But these are rare and very special occasions
Info To live the experience fully and be attracted by the sea, not turning your back at it. Be patient; each time we’re out in the sea I try to find them [whales and dolphins] and do as best as I can that day. Patience, comprehension, enjoyment


Captain – Fantasy

Anchor Since summer 2014
Star Outline The rest of the crew, the feeling of camaraderie we have, and also going out sailing looking for something different every day
Dolphin The very first time I saw a whale. It came out of the blue and was something really incredible, spectacular
Info Patience. Everyday is an adventure, everyday something begins anew. And we always need to look for in order to find


Guide – Fancy II

Anchor Since mid 2014
Star Outline I love the sea and all her animals, and we work each day with them. I like to work with people too, and my workmates are really funny. And I get paid
Dolphin One of them, we were sailing with Fancy II and Pepon, we were in the middle of a school of fish, and a Bryde’s whale came out of the blue eating the same school of fish we were into, and the wave was so big it send us a bit to the side… Another one, we were returning to harbor, in front of the beautiful cave, there was this kind of floating spot, and then we saw the fin tail and there was a huge whale shark, pretty curious, that circled the boat and got close to the submarine vision and we could record a video, one of the very few times in the island.
Info To be open-minded and ready to enjoy a great day at sea, and to let go, to allow themselves to flow and enjoy the animals we meet, the island from the boat, this beautiful blue sea…


Guide – Fantasy

Anchor Since Summer 2017
Star Outline THE SEA. And all the little critters we meet with. There’s plenty of life in the sea
Dolphin The most beautiful experience so far has been the singular sightseeing of a group of pigmy false killer whales, together with false killer whales
Info To come with an open mind and the hope of seeing something. And if not, to come back again 🙂

Juan Carlos

Inland and sea guide

Anchor Since Summer 2015
Star Outline To be with people, I studied Tourism because of that. And also the rest of the crew, to work for the environment, the marvelous sea beings… I love everything
Dolphin To spot a fin whale, so close to a blue whale for me. We were close to the harbour and we received a calling from Puerto Naos, and the captain turned back so I could see her
Info To live the experience, to come free from expectations about what are they going to see, and to enjoy a lot, for sure they will