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North Safari Adventure

Quick Details

Adults From 13 years old
Children Ages 4 to 12

Sail in search of dolphins and whales

On an authentic safari

Enjoy 2.5 hours of navigation and adventure seeing the Cueva Bonita, Poris de Candelaria, the volcanic strip and meeting whales, dolphins, turtles, birds and other marine beings who want to share some time with us.

When it’s over, it will be an unforgettable experience. Having had the dolphins so close, or seeing a herd of pilot whales in the underwater vision, or watching the blowing of a whale in the distance and getting closer until it comes up to breathe again… Live it from beginning to end. Each time is different and magical. You will want to repeat.

Dolphins, whales and other inhabitants of the sea are living beings, whose home we visit. Although we try to ensure that you enjoy sightings on all our outings, they are sovereign and decide if they want to meet us or not. Thus, it is always an adventure and a surprise.

Important information

This is Your Boat

a close up of an animal


Fancy II is the best boat for this kind of adventure, due to its comfort and capacity.

Besides that, it offers you amazing sightseeing from the bow, the upper deck, and the submarine vision.

This is your Harbor

a close up of an animal


We leave from Puerto de Tazacorte. You can find Fancy II at pier nº 10 or without number, next to Fantasy.

You can get there walking down the gangway to the right, behind the bar, once you pick up your tickets in our box office.