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How do we do whale watching?

a dolphin jumping out of the water

The main premise in FANCY for the observation of cetaceans is animal welfare, for this we comply with the regulations in force in Spain since 2007 through the Royal Decree that regulates our activity.

We detail below the main rules that we take into account when watching dolphins and whales.

  • The approach is made at an angle of 30% in the direction of the movement of the animals, maintaining a distance of 60m from them.
  • Our boat approaches behind the animals, not cutting off the direction of the group of cetaceans or disturbing their activity.
  • Sonars or other acoustic devices are not used to locate the dolphins and whales.
  • During the observation we stay parallel to the group of cetaceans and at a constant speed of no more than 4 knots or no higher than the furthest behind animal.
  • If sailing any whale approaches our boat, we keep our boat in neutral. If it is about dolphins we will maintain a constant speed.
  • It is not allowed to touch or feed the cetaceans and of course swim near them.
  • Near a group of cetaceans (300m) there will be no more than two boats.

In our desire to maintain an adequate relationship with the environment, we must contribute to disseminating these good practices throughout society.

As a company specialized in whale watching in La Palma, we have the Blue Boat certification from the Canary Islands government.


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