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Excursions in La Palma

a fish swimming under water

Within the wide spectrum of tourist activities that can be carried out in La Palma, one category stands out above the rest due to the great acceptance it has of tourists who visit the island, and it is none other than boat trips to explore the coast. .

In this category of “Boat Excursions”, those dedicated to whale watching stand out. The sighting of dolphins, whales and other marine species is of vital importance on the northwest coast of the island, as it is an important transit area for these large marine mammals.

At FANCY we have been whale watching for more than 20 years, complying with the strict safety standards and respecting the welfare of the animals we observe.

Of the boat trips that are carried out in La Palma, those that carry out a specific route to observe from the sea the lava flows of the “Cumbre Vieja” volcano have gained special importance. The recent eruption of the volcano has led to a majestic landscape both on land and on the coast, perfectly observable from the boat.

In the boat excursions that FANCY carries out to observe the tails of the “Cumbre Vieja” volcano, you can also enjoy the sighting of cetaceans.
For those interested in consulting the different boat excursions that can be done on the island, we recommend visiting where our catalog of excursions can be found.