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We are launching our new website!


Come on in, make yourself at home on board!

We are launching Fancy II’s new website celebrating our 20th anniversary.

We are so excited to kind of hoist sails this way!

So this first post of our Blog is mainly to welcome you onboard and wish you are at least as enthusiastic as we are with this new journey.

Do you want to know what have we changed from before?

Basically, we have renewed the design (but keeping our brand colors, blue and yellow, of course!), you will find more photos inside, and you will find much more info available online, in different ways:

  • We have detailed the Adventures much more (or tours or excursions, whatever), so it’s easier for you to choose. Even if you end up choosing them all… And we have included the new adventures, too, such as the Sailing Adventure or the Inland Adventure. Indeed, you will want to try everything out 😉
  • We have added an About Us section where you can find, besides the fleet boats page we already had previously, more opportunities to discover us, such as the crew, the onboard menu, or a quick glimpse through the island of La Palma, our home.
  • We are launching this Blog, to share adventures, sightseeings, tales from the sea and the island, learnings, new offers, and whatever you would like to discover.
  • We have a new Contact page, so you can reach us however you like according to your needs. And our social media are being integrated on the page.

You can also check our Privacy Policy online: we need to keep ourselves updated to the new laws!

During the next months, we will be improving the web and adding new surprises and sections.

Of course, we will keep you posted!

That’s all for now.

Mainly because we would love you to surf the page, and if you want, share with us what do you like, what would you change, whether there’s something to fix… starting something anew always requires some adjustments even when it’s tested beforehand, you know.

Please, write us using our contact form, or to the email address you find on top of the page, above the menu to the left.

Thank you so so much!

We are eager to have you on board!